Wondering if you were ever coming around…

HEY future flame! Do you know I’m waiting? It takes all patience in me even if I’m near to the state of panic. It’s agonizing yet I am still waiting.

Be reminded that first and foremost, I’m sorry I may be messing around. Sometimes my mind is in chaos that I don’t care much what the world would think of me. There’s gotta be a lot of fixing and it would mean a lot ┬áif you will opt to hang on during the repairs. I am nuts, hope you are cool with that.

Second, I do not have to be hard-pressed with deep emotions. Especially for you. I have not been involved with anyone and it scares the hell out of me. I won’t expect much from you but I will try to give you my best. Errrkay?

Third, I like being crazy and doing spontaneous activities. I seldom prefer planned hang-outs so it would be better to just go out there—see places, meet people, try new things. Random is fun.

Fourth, I am a talker. I would love to have conversations with you. Engaging you in those will help me know if I really really really like you. It will be thrilling to know your thoughts. I am tactless at times so it would be appreciated if you say things bluntly rather than flowery (even if it hurts!). And don’t get offended with my harshness. I am just being me.

Fifth, I have a thing for music. I am not musically-inclined, not even a singer. But I love music around me. For me, it’s the easiest way to communicate particularly when it’s hard to express how I feel.

Sixth, I sometimes crush on athletes: basketball, volleyball, football players and the like. Thug! I am not even sporty, I just find them awesome.

Seventh, I am enamored in reading. Pardon me when I swoon over Christian Grey, or Gideon Cross. Even Augustus Waters. Don’t get jealous buddy. They are just favorites while you’re the only one.

Eight, I won’t be sweet to you at all times because I will also have my bad days. Wait, am I sweet? Lol. I am not really showy. You will have to figure out if I do care.

Ninth, allow me to have my alone time. I will always need that. I value my independence and I will gladly give yours as well.

Tenth, I tend to over think. I am risk averse. Can you teach me how to trust and be not afraid?