Keep marchin’ on and dreaming out loud.


June 28, 2013. Friday. There was an announcement—OneRepublic will be coming to Manila in November! I was so surprised because I was not that really rooting for them. I was, and still am, anticipating for Matchbox Twenty to perform here. They’ll be having concerts in Hong Kong and Singapore this November. Hopes are high that they’ll stop by here since concert dates are on November 6 and 10, respectively. But then, the great Ryan Tedder is coming so might as well feel stoked about it. So agitated that I’m on fan girl mode by now. Like, it’s four more months until the concert. 🙂 🙂 🙂



I bought my concert ticket already. I purchased Upperbox B seat (free seating) because I find it thrilling to be looking for a seat barely knowing everyone in the venue’s section I will be in. Yes, your guess is right. I will be watching the band alone. This is going to be the first time and I am excited about it. I’m fond of watching movies alone, so why not take it to the next level and try watching some foreign live act. My good friends will be there too but they have their own companies to be with. I can’t compromise my freedom for that rock ‘n roll vibe just to be with them and their relevant parties so I’d rather be alone. We’re going to be in one spirit that night regardless.

Thing is, I’m also afraid of it. I’m anxious that I might get used to being alone, and that time will come I won’t consider tagging these buddies along with me because if I would’ve carried on that one night, it could be possible for other concert nights. I have already survived watching movies single-handedly that I don’t bother asking anyone to accompany me anymore since I  can do it with no one but myself. Frightening for my interpersonal relationships but maybe I don’t mind that much.

Another experience will be added to my pile of “me times” nevertheless. I am looking forward to this for the reason that.. It doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone. 😉



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