How convenient.


I hate that this would be my possible second entry, but it leaves me no choice.

I don’t understand why people choose to be in a relationship for the sake of saving their so-called pride. I am 23 years old at this very moment. I’m in that late-early twenties stage. Haven’t had a boyfriend. Correct, not even ONE. But who says I’m in a rush? I’m curious, I want to know what it is like, how it is like to be in a relationship with someone you love. Someone you think you’ll really end up and spend the rest of your life with. Someone who will check up on you, ask about your day-to-day activities, have a share of your ups and downs. Someone who will be there no matter how ugly you could get, endure your PMS-ing moods (and even when you’re not PMS-ing), when you feel beautiful about yourself, how positive you see the world and all that.. I. AM. REALLY. CURIOUS. But I guess that doesn’t give me the permission to jump into a relationship when a guy likes me and I don’t like him. Cut the chase then I’d rant about not having that chemistry between us. Like, there’s no kilig. Say what? I have an instant boyfie!! Because I like the attention he gives me? Because I pity him? Oh, because I’m 23 and how could I be mature if I didn’t experience that?? Some kind of shiz, but I guess shiz really happens. Seems like it’s the most immature and selfish way to do it—for the sake of having a boyfriend. And that also doesn’t allow me to hurt any guy just to satisfy these issues of mine.

Maybe I just don’t understand because I am not in that sitch. I sympathize the guy this kind of girl has dragged into. Although it might be a mutual understanding between them, and the guy is really head-over-heels liking this girl that makes him give into it, I still hope a positive outcome on this. Somewhere along the way, either party will get hurt. Worst, it could be both when it strikes back at them. Still I am hoping for an affirmative thing.

To the girl who opts to be in this trench, I want you to be happy. Loose yourself and fall for this guy if that’s possible. I know there’s something about him that made you decide to have a trial-and-error relationship. If it doesn’t work, I think you will learn your lesson very well. And be mature enough that even though there are chances like that, sometimes you take two steps backward and see where things would take you. To the guy who just happens to like (or maybe love) a girl so much, I hope you’ll do fine. I might hate you for consenting in this kind of thing and could be the culprit in bringing up that kind of agreement, I can’t blame you. It’s your freewill.

Who doesn’t love happy endings, anyway? 🙂

Love is more than a feeling; it’s a commitment.


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