First blog entry.. EVER!! :)

Reading someone else’s blog got in the nerve of having my own as well. Maybe it’s also because of my “stalking prowess” that led me to this, but hey, I’m just a frustrated writer too. Or maybe because I don’t know how to say things the way that they should be said. And I’m afraid I always get misinterpreted, so I’d rather listen to music.. Or WRITE. Too many lame excuses huh! I just wanna write, that’s all. 

I remember my English IV teacher in high school writing on my essay paper that she liked my manner of writing. Like it’s very “simple yet meaningful”. Hope I remember her words right. Guess I have yet to check that paper. Yes, I still have it. 🙂 And maybe I have talent on this. *fingers crossed* HAHA!

As  much as possible, I will try this to be my new outlet when de-stressing. Well, I always give in to my urge to watch movies and/or have some me time. Pathetic, yet I think it’s therapeutical. Maybe this one could help. Not that I have a disorder problem. I just want to see how far I can let my voice, emotions, whatever you call them, be written. *excited*

Looking forward to more blooooggggsssss! xx


P.S. My friend suggested that my tagline should be: “Overthinking put into words.” But then I might stick to what I thought of first for now. 😛


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